taste memories revisited: vibrant pancakes

taste memories revisited with vibrant raw vegan flour free pancakes

Happy New Year!

I truly hope you have all been well with many blessings as well stepping forward into this new season.

All has been well with me and I wanted to share with you a refreshing new find in my morning repertoire. It's alot more enticing than it sounds: raw vegan flour-free pancakes. Thunk - really sounds like a mouthful and drops like a ton of bricks.

Though keep in mind, especially for those types that are not *breakfast* people and you just need that little something to kick you in the boot at waking - this is a keeper.......

these are perfectly made the night prior or even two days prior and stack as shown with squares of wax paper.....then enclose with a plastic baggy with the little twistie thingy at the end and they stay beautifully chilled to form in your fridge

Also, don't embarrass yourself and mess around with funky syrup blends......just go for the pure gold.

Pure maple syrup is just plain delicious.

also can be made the night prior: chopped Fuji apples or your favorite slightly tart apple.......lovingly tossed in a dash of cinnamon + organic raw sugar

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I'm not a breakfast person.
The reason being is I prefer a savory and comfort food type breakfast and sometimes the smoothie or granola won't take the bar for me.

As soon as I bite into this it reminds me of how much I love eating breakfast again but it doesn't give me that slow down that the heavier cooked breakfasts are known for.

there's just something about the first and last bite into these pancakes......remember both sweet, salty and savory......so how can you go wrong?

Alright alright......here's the recipe to taste memories revisited:

Vibrant Pancakes
2 Cups raw macadamia nuts
2 Cups of dehydrated coconut flakes, unsweetened
1 to 2 Tbsp. local honey or maple syrup
Touch of sea salt (optional)

Fruit toppings:
Chopped apples, bananas, berries or pineapples with touch of organic or maple sugar and cinnamon

Shred coconut in food processor until they become like fine snowflakes. Put into large mixing bowl.

Grind macadamia nuts until it rolls itself into a fine ball similar to cookie dough. Put into large mixing bowl.

With spatula mix together with just a slight amount of local honey or touch of syrup based sweetener of your choice.

Taste batter prior adding salt as macadamia nuts already have a nice salt content.

Create 3” balls and flatten with palms into round ½” thick pancakes. Stack on small plate with sheets of wax paper in between.

Cover in plastic bag and refrigerate 3 hours or overnight.

Serve with fresh fruit on top with a side of maple syrup.

Please note: You can always experiment and substitute the nuts. I prefer raw macadamia nuts (though they can be pricey!) and they have an incredibly healthy oil content. So with other nuts you may have to experiment with adding oils (coconut oil, olive oil, etc.) so they will *stick* upon the making. Also I use Let's Do...Organic brand unsweetened, sliced and dehydrated coconut flakes.



It's snowing!

Yes it's finally raining here in southern California. I woke up this morning to dewy dampness in the air that my skin has been favoring lately. Funny, I am such a creature of habit yet always striving for the balance of things out of the ordinary. Rain was a common theme while living in Florida and it's been surely missed.

This year has been an incredible journey for me and my family. I have been trying to keep the glue in tack and the foundation down yet encourage fluidity so we can all eventually *sing*. Perhaps that doesn't make any sense for some, but for me it's important to reach beyond my comfort level. I am such a creature of independence and yet I need to root myself in order to gain momentum.

My kids surprise me as well. After years of trying to get them in organized sports and programs (soccer, basketball, team gymnastics, cub scouts, etc.) they had to tell me, "Hey mom I like taking surf lessons really.......Mom, I like tumbling, but I really don't want to be on team gymnastics.......Mom, I like yoga.......Mom, I like guitar lessons.......Mom, I don't want to wear this uniform."

So obvious that these must be my children. I just assumed because I grew up among hippie teachers in San Francisco during the 70's + springing off my love for visual arts, performance art + urban farms in city alcoves that my kids would prefer more organization + team efforts. But they had to tell me where they really felt at peace in their growth.

How sublime.

How obvious sometimes.

Don't get me wrong as team efforts + working with community is what makes people as a whole grow. It just caught me off guard that my own children exactly mirrored what I strive for, so soon.......independence, freedom, fluidity + the creative life.

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I've been buried knee deep lately.

Emotions have been running high.

It's been a year of transitions and really, lots of surrender.

The more I surrender; the more I find myself at a place I wasn't expecting.

Yet what's been enlightening about the fruits of surrender aside from the element of surprise is also intrigue.

Through my love of fresh foods, ingredients + even raw foods + recipes, this has lovingly lead me down the road of healing on many levels. This brought me to a place of uncovering the healing properties of food and now the healing properties of herbs.

Oh yes, herbs.

There's a whole population of them that have called me forth lately. I have used their healing energy to get us through the move, the transition + even through school flu season.

They also shined through and eased my children through those Indian Summer days when it's HOT COLD HOT COLD + omygosh I'm gonna be sick days......

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This journey of transition this year something else kept knocking on my door.

It all makes sense as I am balancing my love for family life, good whole fresh foods, the vibrant life and now my obsession with the healing properties of herbs......something else came my way. You know I love *light*, I love the sun. I love the beach. I love energy. I love good vibes.

It was so obvious and then I finally responded.

This is after *years* of it crossing my path......calling my name.

You know how sometimes we don't listen to that voice nudging at us?

I am still inquiring. Still a bit skeptical. But totally open.

I just recieved my first Reiki 1 attunement.

Yes, Reiki.

More on all of this later.

Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for checking in on me.

You guys are swell :-)

So this is what I have been up to.

Laying down a new foundation on the other coast. Still cooking, creating, writing, studying, sunning, hiking + loving yoga.

Yes, my hands have been full, yet open to receive........


falling into place

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It's been an incredible change having practically no rain during the summer months which leaves me more than ample time to play outside.......

The air is temperate and dry during the day.

Sometimes in the morning the fog rolls in the valley and stays long enough to ease me into the day.

I read somewhere their fragrance makes you want to fall in love.......

I am all about the rush.

Thank you for reminding me how sweet life is.

Lately I've been trying to just get all my *stuff* in a row........

Yet I am constantly loving living in the moment.

There's a joy in having the perpetual rhythm then often times I have to break it's silence and look above the expected horizon.

I've also been trying to get more focused on my passions.......I'm always in development. Perhaps a perpetual art project......

Whenever I curate an art exhibit, one of the most mesmerizing parts of the process is the installation of the art. That's when I get to experience the transformation of the work itself and how it effects the space + architecture. The best part of it is the effect it has on the crew you are working with to install the works itself. It's amazing; absolutely amazing to see the change in their demeanor when you catch them experience the installation process. During the installation they are caught off guard and find themselves immersed into the experience of the art as well.

That is what makes art so profound and meaningful or in this case, anything that beckons to what you are innately passionate about. Sometimes you don't know, unless somehow you've been lucky enough to slip into that other dimension and you find your soul swimming in big round fuzzy circles.

It's been hard to resist all the fun going on around me. There's so little time and I want my cup to be full, like always.......

So things are finally falling into place. It's been such an appropriate season for that too. I'm looking forward to sharing the fun of the new seasons with you.....

Happy Autumn!


at the beach. misty clouds. tangerine sun.

Wordless Wednesday.

abrupt thoughts.




just peeking in ;-)


comfort me with apples

baby asian pears. sprigs of baby roses. thinking out loud by the kitchen window.

It's been Total. Drama. Island.

Really the first words that come to mind!

I've been truly manifesting otherwise but it's like the flood gates opened when I decided unleash those sails.

Thinking about you guys.........hope summer has been swell + full of sights that make you just plain smile.

We were surprised to find our first harvest of asian pears + blossoms of baby roses greet us this past summer. So with that I often think of their sweet fragrance that makes my many senses smile.

I hope you're still there ~ as I miss writing, sharing + sprinkling my thoughts on here. I truly look forward to posting more and look forward to that dialogue again. Thank you for coming around + sending light + love to you.

Be back very soon my dears......


peeling back to light: cantelope smoothie with hints of lychees and the green stuff

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Can't find my lights, my white boards, filters, back splash.....nothing. I had them specifically and specially packed to be easily retrieved and they are nowhere to be found at the moment.

I did find my camera.

Where the heck is that eyelash curler now........

so just to let you know the taste memory of litchis/lychees ring a familiar tone to me......they're not as odd tasting as they appear really......there is a familiar sweetness to them and almost wine~like fragrant quality that lingers.......

Biting into lychees reminds of something familiar but perhaps not.

with a slight of a paring knife or even a finely manicured fingernail is just enough to peel back the layers......

What I do is to simplify, everyday.

I took these photos without my special lights, my handmade filters and such that give it the *glow*

In between the uneven clouds passing and tagging around the sun, I was able to capture vibrant beginnings of my ritual morning smoothie.

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Actually my usual smoothie blend is quite simple: cantelope + chunks of cucumbers with skin and all plus a good douse of electrolyte water.

Ladies.....this has been a perfect blend to hydrate your cells thus your skin.

morning light smoothie: fresh cantaloupe, cucumbers, romaine lettuce + lychees

To simplify, to blend, to glow.......



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This blog is still alive.

I am here.


Rather than bore you with the 450 boxes I am dealing with (I took a rough count to amuse myself in between breaks), I just wanted to say hi and that I am still planning on blogging about taste memories, life, food + just plain being.

There are fruit trees at this new place; amidst dandelions as tall as my kids with minuscule thorns throughout.

I had a dream last night I was flying in between walls and windows made of wooden crates. I felt boxed-in but then I imagined a big picture window that open to a vast blue sky.

The sky opened up in my dream and I was finally in full sail in its expansiveness.

I will post soon.

I am very sorry I have been delayed.

My kids started their third school in one year.

I know, excuses......I have decided to post about our transitons as well as my continued love of fresh + savory foods.

I am trying to help lead a helm with assurance that it's okay to live like gypsies as we have.

Bare feet and all.

Just walking through and feeling the breeze.......

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